Basic Info

License to Carry(LTC-formerly CHL)  Training

Welcome to Shady Grove Baptist Church’s FREE License to Carry (LTC) Classroom Training.   This classroom portion is FREE to the public for anyone who meets the State of Texas LTC eligibility requirements.

This class  will be taught by certified NRA instructor, Brett Harmon

Classroom Date: Saturday, September 11, 2021

Classroom  Time: 7:30am – 2:00pm

Shady Grove Baptist Church
3507 Farm to Market 499

Greenville, Texas 75401

NOTE:   This IS NOT a CHL/LTC renewal class.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why get an LTC when Texas has passed constitutional carry?

The LTC will still be available after constitutional carry goes into effect.  There are many reasons to still get your LTC.  The three biggest reasons to have an LTC are

1.  The ability to carry a firearm in other states that do not have "constitutional carry" laws but do have reciprocity with TX LTC requirements

2.  A much smoother process when purchasing a firearm at stores and dealers.

3. Constitutional carry does not absolve you from knowing and abiding by the laws of the state.  Don't allow ignorance of the law to land you in legal trouble! 

How long  is the LTC class?

The Texas Department of Public Safety requires a minimum of 4 to 6 hours of  training for a new applicant.

What is  the cost of the LTC class?

100% FREE classroom portion


What do I need to bring to the classroom portion?

  1. Comfortable Clothing

  2. Pen

  3. Clipboard or hard surface to write on

  4. Current State of Texas Driver’s License or I.D. Card


Do I need  to bring lunch/dinner with me?

There will not be a long lunch break, but lunch items will be available for purchase.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks.


What  topics are covered in the LTC class?

Students will receive classroom instruction pertaining to deadly force, dispute  resolution, concealed handgun law, gun safety and storage, selection of a  concealed carry gun, open carry, handgun accuracy training, and the  handgun proficiency test.


Where is  the class held?

The classroom portion will be held in the Sanctuary of Shady Grove Baptist Church.
3507 Farm to Mark 499
Greenville, TX 75401


Where is the range qualification?  

The Range qualification will be held offsite for a limited number of participants.  The cost is $25.00.  Due to unknown weather and other factors, we will determine the exact number of spots available for qualification on the day of the class.  We will announce the list by lunchtime.   We highly encourage you to complete the shooting portion prior to the class.

How do I pre-qualify?

You can schedule a time to qualify with instructor Brett Harmon before or after the class.  

Brett Harmon (972) 814-7224 or click here: Shieldfirearms Greenville Texas gun sales repair training

You can also qualify with any qualified instructor.  Your local gun range can give you more information.


What kind  of gun do I need to bring?

You DO NOT need a gun for this classroom portion. You must complete the range qualification to obtain your LTC. You may use a semi-auto or a revolver of at  least .22 caliber or larger. We highly encourage you to complete the shooting portion prior to the class. If you have never shot before or nervous about handling a gun, please contact Brett Harmon (972) 814-7224 or click here: Shieldfirearms Greenville Texas gun sales repair training.  Directions to the range will be given during the class.


Who is eligible to  obtain a Texas LTC?

You must be at least 21 years of age or 18 years of age and on active duty in  the U.S. Military, and not a convicted felon. Eligibility requirements are  listed on the Texas DPS website.

When I go to the range for the shooting qualification, what do I need to bring to the range?

1 .22 caliber or larger revolver or semi-automatic that is  in good working condition.

2. 50 – 100 rounds of factory ammunition. RELOADS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
3. Two magazines for a semi-auto handgun. One magazine is ok if  you don’t have two available.
4. Hearing protection if you have your own; otherwise ear protection can be purchased for a small fee at the range.
5. Eye protection if you have your own; otherwise eye protection can be purchased for a small fee at the range.
6. Clothing that is suitable for a shooting range and weather  conditions.


If I  qualify with a revolver, can I carry a semi-auto handgun?

Yes, and vice versa.


At what  distances do I have to shoot from during the range qualification?

From a standing position, you will fire 20 rounds from 3 yards, 20 rounds from  7 yards, and 10 rounds from 15 yards. The target will be a B-27 silhouette.


What is  the passing score for the range qualification?

You must score 70%+, or 175 points out of the possible 250 points in order to  pass.


What  happens if I do not pass the range qualification?

You may take the range proficiency test up to 3 times before you are classified  as failed. You must have 50 rounds of ammunition for each attempt.